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                                become, look and feel, better, healthier, fitter by using

                                              Activity Improvement Method training..... the gym...                                      ...your home...                                         ...outdoors...                                    ...even at work

You are welcome and safe here, please relax and read on......

A I M training provides groups and private individuals with a straightforward, credible, structured training service with full lifestyle support.

It uses effective approaches for improvements to health, fitness and enhanced human capabilities.
A I M training is NOT the latest "fad" from the health & fitness industry.
A I M training uses tried and tested performance and change management techniques that have long served the worlds most successful people and communities to great benefit.
A I M training's methods are rooted in practices and philosophies dating back some hundreds if not thousands of years and from a range of diverse cultures.

Careful selection of the most appropriate of these methods for each individual client are aligned with modern day factual research and the basis for that clients A I M training is determined.

Application of the A I M training model secures personalised motivation and goes beyond that of Prescriptive and Supervised Physical Exercise, it addresses all aspects of an individuals lifestyle to ensure attainment of their Total Fitness and Health Capacity.

If you have read this far you are probably already considering the benefits of some professional support to ensure you achieve your improvement, please therefore take the time to examine the remainder of the site.

Following that, and to find out more about A I M training,
~ how it can enable and steer you to reach realistic goals,
~ simply make contact.
However, before you do that, do not expect a magic cure-for-all, do not anticipate "overnight success", do not think that you're in for an easy time !

be prepared to put in effort and commitment,

face real challenges and overcome them,
expect to reach your goal,
achieve sustainable changes,
and reap the long term benefits of continuous improvement.
Thank you for your interest,
FORTES FORTUNA ADIUVAT ~ very ancient latin : "fortune favours the bold" , meaning "Fortuna" - the Goddess of Luck, is more likely to help those that take risks, take action, develop their skills proactively.
My "modern day thinking" on this proverb is that "training (of both mind and body) is the best investment to prepare and protect yourself for whatever competition or life presents to you !"
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